Co-Founders and friends Jessica and Maxine met in a small university town in Germany during an international undergraduate research program. There, they discovered they were from the same county in California and a friendship was born. Both wanting to communicate science in different media, they teamed up to create a science blog with articles and images. Their goal is to explain the science behind the familiar, like that which we find in the kitchen, and the not-so-familiar, like new technologies in energy, and to do so more rigorously than the typical popular science blog. They hope to clarify misconceptions and stimulate scientific interest.

The STEM Chicks are always looking for feedback! If anything doesn’t make sense or you find an error, wish to get more resources on a topic, or have a general question or comment, please leave a comment or send an email to thestemchicks@gmail.com! You can also follow them on twitter or like their page on Facebook.

Jessica Karch

Co-Founder, Writer
Jessica Karch in NYC subwayJessica’s interest and academic training lie in inorganic chemistry. Specifically, she has experience in materials synthesis and analytical radiochemistry. She also likes discovering new music and long walks along the harbor.

Maxine Nelson

Co-Founder, Illustrator
Maxine Nelson in hills of CaliforniaMaxine’s academic and research interests lie in neurodegenerative diseases, specifically neurotoxic protein aggregation in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. She’s also a graphic designer. Outside hobbies include painting, traveling, hiking, and listening to obscure foreign artists.